Self Directed Support

On the 1st of April 2014 Social Care (Self Directed Support)(Scotland) Act 2013 came into force. The act gives people more choice and control over their lives, allowing them to make informed decisions about how they get social care and support and where they get it from. Some people may choose to take full control over their care and support by, for example, receiving a Direct Payment and chosing their care provider. Others may prefer to enlist in the help of their local Social Work Department to financially administer and choose a care and support provider suitable to meet their needs. In terms of Self Directed Support there are four broad options available:

Option 1: Take a Direct Payment and take full control over your care and support package. You choose what you need, when you need it and who will provide it for you.

Option 2: Have your personal budget managed by someone else. You can either ask your local council to manage your personal budget or a care and support provider of your choice. You can still choose who provides your care and support.

Option 3: Your local authority arranges all aspects related to your care and support. They will manage your personal budget and select a suitable care and support provider.

Option 4: A mix of any or all of the above. You may wish to have different arrangements for different aspects of the care and support you require.

If you want to use Self Directed Support you will need to get a community care assessment through your local Social Work Department. This assessment will determine how much support you need and the amount of the personal budget you have access to.

If you would like information about how Call-In Homecare can support you in relation to Self Directed Support, please give us a call.